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Hello Radix Community,

You are sure to be surprised to see a German post. There is of course a reason! We at want to strengthen the Radix network, especially in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and represent a point of contact for the broader population.
We are also convinced of the Radix DiFi system and would therefore like to act as a validator!

You can find our proposal (# 302) here .

Our technology

In our proposal, we originally considered hosting our servers at Hetzner.
However, we have now changed our mind and will host our servers in Düsseldorf at
Even if they are only based in one city, they operate 5 data centers there and offer the best possible security and redundancy. The plan is currently to run 2 root servers that will both host Radix nodes.
Should we be chosen as the validator, 1 of them will act as the validator. In the event of a failure of one of the two servers – in theory – the other can then be made the validator without much delay.

We will only know more once the betanet is available.

Our team

Our team from currently consists of three people, Markus, Mathias and Robert.

Markus: I have a lot of experience with the operation of server infrastructures on various platforms (e.g. AWS). I will keep the servers running and be available for technical questions. I’m very interested in Radix as a dApp platform and I can’t wait to jump into Scrypto as soon as possible!

Mathias: I am an experienced software engineer and I will support Markus in the operation of the servers and take care of our website.

Robert: Through years of experience as a lecturer at universities, I will promote the distribution in all possible social networks and present instruction videos and information in German. So I listen to you, support you and spread the most important information … to put it another way …. I’ll be the “mom” for everything. 🙂


The main point of contact should be our website. We also have our own subreddit as well as a Twitter account to keep the community up to date.

Our goal

  • Permanent operation of our Radix-Nodes and Community website
  • Support with technical questions about radix, staking and crypto in general
  • Develop the community and bring in your ideas
  • Spread the word about Radix in German-speaking countries


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