Ociswap Airdrop

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Starting today, July 21st, at 19 UTC, https://ociswap.com is holding an airdrop which will will run for exactly two days until July 23rd 19 UTC. Don’t miss out! To participate and get a load of free $OCI all you need to do is register your Radix wallet with @ocicatbot on Telegram (/wallet rdx...) and then stake some of your Radix with our RadixRadar validator (address: rv1qw6m5nrwnjx2estgkv8zsvp77es6yea0p99zkregud6dqad8q5wg7yvr4na).

For more details see https://airdrop.ociswap.com

There’s a total of 300,000 $OCI to be had. The sum is proportionally distributed. So the more you stake, the more you’ll get!

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