Radix Public Network upgrade from Olympia to Babylon

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The upgrade of the public Radix network from Olympia to Babylon is coming soon, promising to enable the transition of global Web3 and DeFi from “tech demo” to mainstream-capable user and developer experience. The upgrade will take place around July 31st, 2023. The date is tentative, as it is subject to the approval of the Olympia validator set to activate the protocol update. The decision to extend the deadline was made after the team assessed the state of development following the RCnet network release and realized that everything had to go according to plan to make the June deadline.

A follow-up test network release, RCnet 2, will accompany the Babylon upgrade, with updates to the developer preview mobile wallets, Radix Dashboard, Gateway, and other developer tools planned for mid-June. Radix Off-Ledger Authentication (ROLA), which enables developers to access the tools needed to let users prove their ownership of an account or identity without submitting a transaction, will be released with RCnet 2. Additionally, a blog post outlining the Babylon Wallet’s feature set will be released so that developers can anticipate their customers’ user experience.

Although there has been a month’s delay in the Babylon upgrade, Radix’s sentiment has never been better, with team morale still pegged at 11 since the RCnet release. The project’s sticky appeal is a constant, as it offers a better user experience, Scrypto, scalability without breaking composability, RadFi, and more. The project’s momentum is building, with exciting ecosystem partnership announcements on the horizon.

See this announcement post for more details.

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