RadixRadar.de - German Radix Node

RadixRadar.de is a German Radix node and community with servers in Germany and Finland.

Stake Radix Now

Start earning rewards now by delegating stake to the RadixRadar validator node. Take a look into our detailed instructions to learn more.

4 % APY
Annual Percentage Yield*

* at time of current epoch, subject to changes in overall stake; minus delegator fees (1.99%) and penalties .

RadixRadar Validator Adress:


Reliable validator network

1001 Gbit


  • Dedicated Virtual Servers
  • 6 vCPUs
  • 16GB RAM
  • 960GB NVMe SSD


  • Hosting provider in Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Server and backups distributed across several data centers within Düsseldorf
  • DDOS protected
  • Fallback Server in Helsinki by Hetzner

Our server’s status is monitored around the clock. We are notified of outages immediately so we can react swiftly.

As a full-time dev-ops engineer, Markus takes care of setting up and running the infrastructure for hosting the Radix nodes and the website.

Crypto / operation

Twitter @machisuji / Telegram @machisuji / Discord @machisuji / Email markus@radixradar.de

Robert keeps the community up to date and is the main point of contact for questions and ideas for our community.

Community manager

Telegram @Robert_Reh / Discord @ntala / Email robert@radixradar.de

Mathias takes care of this website and, together with Markus, takes responsibility for the operation of the infrastructure.

Website / operation

Twitter @ Bunkerbewohner1 / Telegram @bunkerbewohner / Discord @Bunkerbewohner / Email mathias@radixradar.de

Radix is the future of DeFi

Radix is the future of DeFI – decentralized finance apps are currently still built on protocols that were not developed to meet the demands and requirements of DeFi services.

Thanks to significant technological innovations, Radix is the first Layer 1 protocol specially developed for the rapidly growing DeFi industry.