About Us

We are Mathias, Robert and Markus. The three of us have been following Radix since 2017 and we do believe in the vision put forth by Dan, Piers and the great team behind Radix! We believe further that Radix is the only viable solution to the blockchain trilemma.

Two of us being developers ourselves who never really dared dabble in the crypto space, we especially love the idea of Scrypto and the component catalogue for safer and less error-prone dApps, and the idea that developers will be able to earn royalties for useful components they create.
We think that this system will make it so much more accessible and worthwhile to a great many new developers who – like us – haven’t created dApps themselves before.

In order to get there we want to do our part in helping run and secure the Radix network all the way to Xi’an and beyond. This is why we have started our RadixRadar.de validator operation. We do take this seriously and follow the Radix Builders Pledge.

We’ve pooled together our resources to get our 150 thousand or so eXRD in the Radix Token Sale back in 2020. Of the tokens unlocked we have delegated the majority (50k) to our own node to show that we believe in our reliability, and risk losing rewards ourselves if we perform badly.

Still, the central idea is decentralisation so we have staked 8k XRD each to 5 other validators following the 5×5 principle as recommended.

Finally, we also believe that these innovations shouldn’t be only accessible to English speaking people. While lots of people do speak English especially in Germany there’s still a large number of people who are more comfortable in German of course. So we aim to publish everything we do in both English and German. Any of our blog entries, staking instructions and every page on our website in general is available in both English and German.


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Community Manager

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