Radix Builders Pledge

Radix Builders Pledge ✅

We, RadixRadar.de, pledge:

  1. To treat co-founders and team members with fairness and respect.
  2. To not use misleading, dishonest or illegal sales tactics.
  3. To be honest with investors and partners.
  4. To never trade on information that is not yet known to the public.
  5. To actively prevent insider trading by our team, advisors and investors.
  6. To treat our own community, and the Radix community, with respect.
  7. To never harass or threaten any co-founder, Radix community member, employee or anyone else.
  8. To protect the privacy and confidentiality of our users, fellow builders and community members.
  9. To ensure our company/project resolves security issues promptly and appropriately.
  10. To not behave in a way that damages the reputation of our company or of the Radix community.
  11. To keep our word, including honoring handshake deals and contractual obligations.
  12. To treat the money invested in us or our project with the utmost respect, to be exclusively used to further the goals of the project.
  13. Treat the assets trusted to us, our company, our DAO, our project, or controlled by our code, with the utmost care.
  14. To always operate in good faith.
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